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National Park Hohe Tauern

Hohe Tauren

Silberleiten is close to one of the biggest national parks of Europe.

National park Hohe Taurn is located in Both Salsburg, Kärnten and Triol.
This national park has been build on the examples of the Gran Paradiso National park in Italy and the Swiss national park.
National park Hohe Taurn contains several natural phenomena such as the highest mountain in Austria: the Grossglockner (3789 m), the longest glacier of the East alps: the Pasterzenkees and the highest waterfalls of Europe: the Krimmler Watterfalls.

Flora and fauna
Over 20.000 species live in this national park.
One of these animals in this park is the Alpine ibex.
This animal was nearly eradicated in the 18th century, but now resides in a few of the valleys With a lot of luck you might find this animal south of the Reichenspitze and in the Obersulzbach valley. These animals can grow horns of over 90 cm.
Chamois are more seen animals in this national park. Some curious chamois follow hikers for a while.
When you descend you can find deer and boar. You might also find some rare fallow and Mouflon (wild mountain sheep).
One of the most funny animals in these parks is the alpine marmot, also known as Murmeltier, which you can even find in the meadows at Königsleiten. Some, close to huts, are even accustomed to people where other ones are shy and can only be noticed by their whistle before they disappear in their den.

Impressive births
The most spectacular birds in this national park are the Vultures. The zoo of Hellbrunn, near Salsburg, brought griffon vultures, such as goose head vulture and the White head vulture, back in to wildlife and will now do so with the bearded vulture.
People in the old days were told that these animals killed sheep, goats and even small children. That is why this bird has been nearly eradicated in the last century. These animals are very rear in Europe. They belong to the biggest birds of prey in the world with a span till 3 meters. But do not be afrait of them as they are scavengers. They nest in the Habach valley near Neukirchen but can also be seen flying in near Krimml.
Another well known bird in this area is the golden eagle.

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